Kimono MakerEd with Newspapers

This week Grade 3/4 showed their previous learning about Kimono design. Students focused on core competency skills such as working in a group, problem solving, peer encouragement and celebrating our learning. We searched for inspiration from images of clothing designed from newspaper and other recycled materials.

Students were able to complete the lesson and the activity, including clean up and book circulation during a 40 minute prep.

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MakerEd and Fall Fans

Students have been learning about the artistry of Japanese fans. We explored seasonal fan designs and enjoyed a Maple Fan Dance video from Kyoto.

Using fall colours, with inspiration from Ehlert, some classes designed fans with wooden handles using crayons, cut out leaves or by painting maple leaves collected from outside.

To celebrate the work of their peers, Grade 4 and 5 students created stop motion videos using keys from discarded laptops or used Lego to design display stands for the fans.

Students had to work co-operatively, share the materials as well as show respect for the work of their peers.