Building Community in the Learning Commons

This week we invited parents and guardians to an appreciation tea held in the Learning Commons. We celebrated our work with The Salmon Run by Clayton Gauthier with a video showing how we completed our project. We decorated the tables with vases of salmon perched in pebbles and colourful salmon art and, coordinated our tables and table cloths to match the red and blue of Mr. Gauthier’s art.

Students who were sharing a bhangra dance at the school variety show were also invited to perform for our guests.

Ms. Perry’s class created some wonderful clay salmon inspired by Mr. Gauthier’s art. Check them out in the hallway display case.


Each One of Us is a Work of Art, Together We Are a Masterpiece

Check out our school community building project. Students who came to the Learning Commons all contributed to a wonderful hall display. Our goal is to celebrate our differences and to recognize that all together we can create great things. Read on for instructions on how to create your own school Masterpiece.


I painted the tree after school to give it time to dry.


Coloured pencils were sorted into 6 shades. I drew around a couple of mugs and a small glass for circles.

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Stuff the LC and #KindnessCounts

At Georges Vanier, the Learning Commons is a shared space that is used by staff and students for lots of great activities. We are helping further a sense of ownership by inviting students to bring a plush toy to hang out on the shelves in the LC for a couple of weeks. Please label stuffies with your child’s name and division.  No sentimental favourites, just in case…

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 4.36.28 PM


We are continuing to create some wonderful #KindnessCounts buttons. Students and staff are designing a self portrait with a big smile. We will wear them at the Year End Celebration Assembly on June 13th.

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Celebrating Diverse Families

As Mother’s Day approaches it’s a good time to celebrate all of the families and caregivers in our school community. Family love comes in lots of different shapes and sizes and it is important to honour all of the supportive people that nurture and care for our children.

The Georges Vanier Learning Commons has a great selection of titles featuring diverse families. The newest addition to our collection, “Stella Brings the Family” by Miriam B. Schiffer celebrates the parents, extended family, friends and neighbours that support one little girl. ‘It is about love, acceptance and the true meaning of family’

sp5Here are some other favourite books that celebrate diversity amongst families in our school and community…

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Everybody Just Read

Getting Excited about Reading from the Vanier Learning Commons: Everybody Just Read from Anna Crosland on Vimeo.

We have a great collection of books in the Vanier LC with new titles arriving through the year. Students danced their way into sharing how we love to read.
At Vanier we are conscientious Digital Citizens. Students in this video have both school and other website media consents that have been received in writing by the classroom teacher and confirmed with the Teacher Librarian in advance. Students who have not been confirmed at the time of filming cannot be included.
UnRead Book Parody of Bruno Mars’ UpTown Funk by Adam Kalma and David May

Celebrating Diverse Families

The Georges Vanier Learning Commons has a great selection of titles featuring diverse families. Here are a few favourites that celebrate diversity amongst families in our school and community.


Families by Shelley Rotner. Celebrate diversity with a picture book for very young children about the many faces of contemporary families. Big or small, similar or different-looking, there are all kinds of families. Some have one parent, some have two, and many include extended family. This inclusive look at many varieties of families will help young readers see beyond their own immediate experiences and begin to understand others. (2015)  Continue reading

3D Printing to enhance student accessibility and build community

The arrival of the 3D Printer in late June sparked a lot of excitement amongst the students at Georges Vanier Elementary. Just as our digital tools are used to create rather than consume, I encouraged my students to think about how we might design and print items that were useful, that had a purpose. Items had to have the power to enhance or improve or function as a tool to show learning. Continue reading