Treasure maps from an old atlas

Students showed their learning about pirates by creating treasure maps using pages from a discarded atlas. We examined old maps, tore the edges, decorated the pages and then aged them with tea soaked paper towels. Next time I would use more teabags and let the tea soak overnight. Some students crumpled the pages as they dried. We focused on celebrating our accomplishments and using positive language to congratulate peers.

Pirate Selfies

Students showed their learning about pirates using Doodle Buddy app. We took selfies and imported the photo as a background in Doodle Buddy and then drew on the image. Students learned about importing images and exporting their completed work. We also discussed on what makes a good photo, including distance from the subject and background.

Designing Pirate Ships

Students worked in groups to show their learning about pirate ship design using KEVA wood planks.

Our goals were to cooperate in a group, to share our ideas and to listen to the ideas of others. Students realized that it was easier to create a single design when they were respectful of the ideas of their peers and thoughtfully communicated their own thinking.

Cardboard Pirates

Sometimes a craft from a toilet paper roll makes a nice change. So for fun, we made a crew of pirates complete with bandana and earring.

The earrings were made from wedding shower party favour rings. We managed to get the scarves on, but next time I’d cut the triangles larger. Add a googily eye and instant character.

Getting Ready for Pirate Day, eBooks and Monet

This week in the Learning Commons we have been getting ready for Pirate Day which will be held on Thursday May 15th. Students are invited to wear a shirt with stripes, a belt, a scarf and a ‘scurvy dog’ scowl. We will be meeting our buddy classes in the gym and reading together, watching a short video and singing a pirate song or two. All primary students have made a Pirate hat to wear at the assembly.

‘Let’s Stuff the Learning Commons’ has been a great success. Next week we will take a few photos, blog our pictures and send the toys home at the end of the week on Friday.

Many students in Grade 2 have created  animal research eBooks using My Story App in the Learning Commons. Check out this sample of their great work  “A Moose”

Division 8 began work on making art using the work of Monet as inspiration. Students are using the ProCreate App to blend colours and creating their own ‘impressionist’ art. Next week students will be adding poems to go with their artwork and blogging their creations.

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We are Stuffed…and the Pirates are Coming!

We are stuffed with stuffies in the Learning Commons! Students have been claiming ownership of the space by bringing in Plush Toys to decorate. We will leave them on display all next week.

May 15th is Dress Like a Pirate Day at Vanier School. A striped shirt, a pair of boots, a big belt and a scarf and you too can be a pirate! The whole school pirate crew will be buddy reading in the gym.

The Natural Disasters club have begun to get creative with their Tsunami learning. Each student in Division 7, 8 and 9 will be creating an iMovie trailer to gather together all of their blogs, tweets, and art to demonstrate their learning.

Grade 2’s have been using My Story app to make animal eBooks and autobiographical About Me books. Grade 1’s have been learning to use Pic Collage to show their learning about plants and demonstrating an understanding of Beginning Middle and End of a story. Kindergarten has been practising using Drop Box to save their work and Grade 3 have been utilizing the district eLibrary.Yahoo!

Labelling and Beginning Middle and End App Smashing Pic Collage and Doodle Buddy Grade 1 from Anna Crosland on Vimeo.

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