Picture yourself in a Japanese Garden

Students in Grade 3/4 have been learning about Japanese Kimonos. We shared the story of Suki’s Kimono and cstudents worked cooperatively to make a kimono using origami paper. I painted the design over with Mod Podge which gives it a matt sheen. Grade 1’s used the creation to picture themselves in a Japanese garden using Superimpose. This was a teacher lead activity and the class is looking forward to tinkering with the app.

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Quick PicVid Stitch to show learning about Japan

In the Learning Commons Gr 2/3 students tinkered with PicVid Stitch App. We thought it might be a good way to show a number of images at the same time. We looked for pictures in books and items in our library that show what we have learned about Japan.

We are looking forward to experimenting with the Video feature of this app. Students had to figure out camera angles as well as how to export their work to the camera roll and then upload to Dropbox.

Using Pic Vid Stitch to show learning about Japan from Anna Crosland on Vimeo.


Sushi on the menu

Students in Grades 2 and 3 were very interested in learning about how Japanese restaurants sometimes have plastic food on display to show what’s on the menu. We created our own Japanese window menu by creating sushi for display.

We used electrical tape, cotton balls, fabric scraps, popsicle sticks and small sized paper plates. Each table group created 2 or 3 plates together using glue sticks. I pre-cut the tape as it can get pretty sticky.

Due to time constraints, I also pre-cut the fabric, but this wouldn’t be necessary in the classroom.  I used a glue gun to ensure the ‘chopsticks’ wouldn’t fall off and to attach the plates to our red background. The font style is Matura Script

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Lighting up our Fans with Paper Circuits

We decided to light up our terrific Japanese Fall Fans by tinkering with making a circuit using copper wire, LED lights and a small battery. Different classes have used these fans for a number of projects since we created them.