January 24

What I would Save in a Hurricane

Students in Divisions 7, 8 and 9 have been reading about Hurricane Katrina and discussing the devastation caused by the hurricane. Students were asked to come up with 5 items they would choose to rescue from their homes. We decided that all of the people and pets would be rescued so the students needed to think of five other things they valued. We discussed sentimental value vs. monetary value. Students then had to settle on saving one personal item only. They drew their item using the Doodle Buddy App and uploaded their pictures to their blogs.


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December 3

Famous Canadians


Grade 4/5 students worked in pairs to research and present their learning with the Balloon Free App. Check out the Slideshare below or for a larger image visit the individual student blogs.

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November 19

Student Blogs

Students working in the Learning Commons have been sharing their learning on class blogs. Students have been researching about birds from books, apps, and on-line. We have been using the iPads to draw some colourful nests and illustrating stories. Students have also created anti-bullying slogans. Check the student blogs to see what we have been up to lately.

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