December 15

Winter Trees

This week in the Learning Commons, all students from Kindergarten to Grade 3/4 painted one of our 3D Printed winter trees to take home. We think they turned out very well. A great inclusive activity in which every student could fully participate.

November 24

3D Printing

This week we were able to get the 3D Printer up and running. Students were interested in watching the printer in action and had lots of questions. We are looking forward to using the printer to show learning.

We set the printer up in the window so passing students could check out the progress.

September 14

Deciphering Construction Blueprints

We began our school year in the Learning Commons by sharing the wonderful Each Kindness by Jacqueline Woodson. Students discussed the importance of never missing an opportunity to be kind. We also had fun with Munsch’s Mortimer and built our beds with the lego.

Some classes problem solved to see if they could decipher the construction blueprints for the new school addition. Students were very interested to figure out the symbols and plans. We also designed our own school – complete with basketballl hoop in the library!

June 9

Marble Run Challenge

Students challenged each other by designing Marble Runs for their classmates to solve. We used LEGO which worked really well. A standard marble is a perfect fit for a double space between bricks.

Students became very creative with their ideas and are working on time management and using the allotted time wisely.


January 22

Binary Code with Beads

This week in the Learning Commons some classes learned about Binary Coding. We used beads and coding charts to recreate our initials in Binary Code. These are on display in the hallway.

If time is limited, have all the strings ‘started’ with a bead tied on already to go at the bottom. These can take some classes longer to complete than you might think. A challenge, or for a class with longer time, would be to add the periods or middle initials as well. Label the ends with the students initials and ‘Binary Coding’ on labels. This is also a quick way to ‘tie off’ the strand. I used pearler beads which are inexpensive and make for a nice straight binary representation.

December 2

Exploring Structures and Story Mapping

This week several classes created structures following a reading of Shelter by Celine Claire. The story is a great one to share for Maker Educations as it focuses on core competencies such as working together, sharing and listening to each other’s ideas. Some classes created a story map with their structures.

We used Keva Planks to build. These are great for students to build with in a limited time frame.