May 21

Touch this Bulletin Board

Students are often reminded not to touch the display boards as they move through the hallways, usually to help preserve the artwork of their peers,  but one of the ways children learn is through kinaesthetic feedback.

The board outside the Learning Commons  has been designed for touching. So far it has been a great success. I am hoping it will last another week or so before it starts to fall apart. I see students from Kindergarten to Grade 7 sharing the board and with a school population of 600 that is a lot of time in the hallway well spent.

* Just use the lower half of the board so it is easily reached.

The board was made with items I had on hand and included scratchy dishcloths, crinkled coloured film, cushion stuffing, wired art leaves, burlap, shiny page protectors, sparkling garland, faux fur, polystyrene plate, feathers and sandpaper.

April 28

Cherry Blossom Origami

As the seasons change we have been updating our hallway tree. This week we added cherry blossoms. We made these from origami fortune tellers. This can be a great opportunity for a the handful of students who already know how to make these to take a leadership role in the classroom. Made from dollar store origami paper.

October 25

Student Centered Book Fair Planning

This week we have begun to get ready to the Martha Currie Book Fair. The event is approached as a learning opportunity and as a festival of books. Here are some of our pre-planning activities.

Using Tangrams and Birds-eye view mapping to figure out how we could best fit all of the Fair Displays into the library space.

Uploading to Google Drive to review our ideas

Using the sneak peek box of books to practice money and math addition skills.

Designing our own book display stands with some of the new Fair titles.

Problem solving, negotiating, cooperation and team work as students figure out a support schedule for the Fair.

September 9

Welcoming Students to the Learning Commons

As I am new to Martha Currie I thought this might be a fun way to welcome students to the Learning Commons. In their school mailbox, teachers will find a short introduction note with a parcel to be opened with their class. The parcel contains a book or two for their classroom library. Here’s how I did it…

Most books were gathered from thrift stores. Value Village has small paperbacks for about a dollar. I used some left over school library funds for additional French titles.

As you wrap each parcel, make sure they are labelled as to the contents – this time of year divisions and grade level assignments can change.

I used up old wrapping paper and added a short note to each parcel.

One note for K and K/1, one for classes that have library prep and one for upper intermediates.

Woot! Lots of fun. Next time I will be able to make the project more cost efficient and with more selection by gathering the French books throughout the year.

May 27

Building Community in the Learning Commons

This week we invited parents and guardians to an appreciation tea held in the Learning Commons. We celebrated our work with The Salmon Run by Clayton Gauthier with a video showing how we completed our project. We decorated the tables with vases of salmon perched in pebbles and colourful salmon art and, coordinated our tables and table cloths to match the red and blue of Mr. Gauthier’s art.

Students who were sharing a bhangra dance at the school variety show were also invited to perform for our guests.

Ms. Perry’s class created some wonderful clay salmon inspired by Mr. Gauthier’s art. Check them out in the hallway display case.


September 14

Creating a Core Competency Kindness Quilt

As part of our start up Kindness theme, students in the Learning Commons thought about how to be kind and created a display to share their ideas. some classes used Doodle Buddy app to show their thinking.

Origami paper from the Dollar Store made for easy display.

Grade 2 student gives a refresher tutorial on the features of the app.

Our Kindness ideas inspired by The Kindness Quilt by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace


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