May 13

Leaning In: Collecting Postage Stamps

We have been exploring postage stamps, Grades K to 4 / 5. Students have been learning about classification, attention to detail, decifering languages, organizing a collection in an album as well as how to negotiate a fair trade.

Students in Kindergarten and Grade 1 learned about all of the many designs of postage stamps from all over the world. Using a magnifying glass, they examined the fine details in a stamp to take home, and designed their own stamps to show their learning.

Students in Grades 2 and 3 are creating mini stamp albums, carefully examining the stamps and deciding how to categorize them: some by theme, colour or size or a combination of attributes. Students are learning how to arrange the various sized stamps on the grids and how to be creative in their designs on each page.


Grades 4 and 5 have been sorting their stamps by country of origin. This can be tricky and some ‘detective’ work is needed to figure out where the stamps are from. We will have one more week of stamp examination in classtime. In the coming weeks, students will be able collect more stamps from me in the LC as they sort and add to their albums on their own.


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