April 28

Words and Your Heart by Kate Jane Neal

This week primary classes enjoyed this wonderful book by Kate Jane Neal.  Words and Your Heart is a great book to spark discussion about the power words can have, both positive and negative. We shared the story and then worked in groups to build structures whilst at the same time ‘building each other up’ with kind words. After clean-up, we reflected on our collaborative work and how the powerful words made us feel.

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Anna Crosland, Teacher-Librarian in B.C. Canada: Focus on Personal and Social Core Competencies, Layering Authentic Indigenous Resources into the Curriculum, MakerEd and Digital Creation, Inclusiveness, Empowerment, Diversity and lots of Reading

2 thoughts on “Words and Your Heart by Kate Jane Neal

  1. Kate Jane Neal

    Dear Anna,

    Thank you so much for getting in touch.

    I LOVE the idea of making structures! SO GOOD!

    I’m so pleased you found the book helpful. I have found it such a joy to see how small people respond to good words – how much they grow. I have so loved running workshops with the book, and am so encouraged that you enjoyed it too.

    I have just finished the schools classroom companion (Woohoo) and the second book – exciting days! I am so fuelled by belief that we can help to create relationally happy learning communities for our children.

    I’m so hoping the next ones get published!

    Fingers crossed!


    1. acrosland (Post author)

      Dear Kate, We would love to see your other books published too! Thanks again for Words and Your Heart. ❤️ Anna


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