April 21

Adrienne Gear Recommended Books

I have recently updated our Martha Currie in-house collections of titles that support Adrienne Gear’s Reading and Writing Power Books. I have also added a resource list for  Powerful Understanding.

These are listed in the Library catalogue under the side navigation Resource Lists >Public Lists or use the direct links below. 

 Powerful Understanding – 115 titles

Reading Power Connect – 132 titles

Reading Power Infer – 67 titles

Reading Power Question – 82 titles

Reading Power Transform – 104 titles

Reading Power Visualize – 58 titles

Writing Power – 81 titles

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Anna Crosland, Teacher-Librarian in B.C. Canada: Focus on Personal and Social Core Competencies, Layering Authentic Indigenous Resources into the Curriculum, MakerEd and Digital Creation, Inclusiveness, Empowerment, Diversity and lots of Reading

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