October 8

Sharing work from the iPads using Google Drive

This week in the Learning Commons students began using Google Drive to share their learning. In the past I have used Dropbox but this app was much easier for students to navigate. Students need to be able to export and save their work from the creative app to the camera roll first. With primary classes, I usually teach this as the first lesson with the uploading to share as a second lesson. Intermediates usually can figure this out in one class with a review the following lesson.

The iPads stay signed into Google Drive so when students open the app the large blue plus button is clearly the first step. The upload arrow is also intuitive for many learners.

Select Photos and Videos and give permission to access the photos – This only has to be done the first time the app is used. Then Upload. 

Students like to be able to see that their work has successfully uploaded and the larger images in Google Drive make this much easier than in Dropbox. Downloading to my computer was also a snap. 

Thanks to Simon at our Surrey School District’s IMS for helping to resuscitate the Learning Commons iPad 2s.




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