May 13

Message in a Bottle: ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’ are still magic words

We shared Daniel Kirk’s ‘Ten Thank You Letters’ and discussed the importance of showing appreciation for the thoughtfulness of others. Using some dollar store items we created thank you letters in a bottle.

The activity was completed by Grade 3 classes in a 40 minute learning commons prep class. The bottles came from Dollarama in packages of six for $1.25. I also bought a package of pre-glued rhinestones for the same price. I pre-cut the rhinestones into strips and stuck small circular white labels on the bottom for students to write their initials.

Pro-tips: Don’t push the cork in too far as they will get stuck, make sure the paper strips are narrow enough to fit inside and tighten the roll of paper with a sticker or you’ll never get them out. We used extra bottles to thank office staff for their kindnesses.

We used a template due to time constraints but a personal letter would be a great option.



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